Beauty business is big business in today’s world more so because of fast developing technologies and innovation in this industry. What used to be invasive procedures with considerable downtime even a decade back is now a pop-in and pop-out treatment during lunch recess. This has brought beauty treatments to the masses at vastly affordable rates.

One of the areas that deserve special mention and has been a boon to women is laser hair removal. Even a few years back, most women depended on the razor for hair removal though it meant going through it every few days. Waxing brings a certain degree of permanency but then it can be extremely painful as is electrolysis.

The best procedure in the beauty sector in this area is laser hair removal. However confusions abound about its pros and cons with not many people being aware of this procedure. Keeping this in mind, we have started our blog spot in an attempt to spread awareness of laser hair removal. To this effect, we seek contributions in the form of news, information or firsthand experiences about this process.

To those interested to write in but are not sure on what topics to write about, here are a few suggestions from our team at

What we feel will interest our readers greatly is details of the procedure itself. This can only be described thoroughly by people themselves who have gone through it. Some of the aspects that can be touched upon are – how many sessions for a full course of treatment, how long does each session take, is it painful, cost of complete package and any side effects. We believe that once these are clarified in some depth by our writers, potential patients of laser hair removal can benefit immensely from this firsthand experience.

There have been tremendous advancements in technologies in the beauty sector and laser hair removal machines have greatly benefitted from it. Cutting edge innovations have made this procedure safe, fast and extremely effective. Today’s machines can treat all shades of skin colour equally proficiently. Importers, manufacturers and distributors of these machines can therefore write in to us about these devices and give their expert opinion on how they have improved the effectiveness of laser hair removal.

Another area that suppliers can touch upon is the different models of laser hair removal equipment that is available and their efficiencies. This will help our readers to evaluate the standard of the clinic they want to undergo treatment in by enquiring about the devices being used there.

These are just a few examples to set writers and bloggers off on their journey with us. Any write-up is welcome so long as it is related to the niche of laser hair removal.