Tired of shaving, waxing, tweezing and other time-consuming and painful methods to remove unwanted hair, then IPL hair removal machine can help put these nuisances past you. Laser hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the world today being far more effective than shaving or waxing and less costly over time. The process involves beaming an intense and visible broad spectrum of light into the skin, where it is absorbed by the pigments in hair follicles effectively destroying them. Depending on the area being treated, the process can take few minutes to an hour.

 But before you plunge into the treatment to get hairless, you need to know a few things about IPL hair removal.

  • Works best on individuals with fair skin and dark hair

IPL hair reduction technique works by using a light that penetrates the skin and is absorbed by melanin in the hair shaft, which causes heat to transmit to the nearby cells hence destroying the hair follicle. Light colour hair contain less melanin and hence do not tend to carry the heat from IPL and therefore these types of hair removal are less effective on light coloured hair. However, the technology has progressed enough and the new SHR hair removal technique makes all hair and skin types suitable for the treatment.

  • Multiple sessions needed

To get the best results, you need to be consistent and make appointments very four to six weeks. In general, it takes 8 to 10 sessions to get results on the body than the face which usually require 5 to 6 sessions. However, the treatment sessions varies depending on individuals skin type and hair colour.

  • Avoid sun exposure

You need to keep the area to be treated out of sun for at least a week prior to treatment. This is essential because if the skin is tanned it will hinder the treatment process and will not provide effective results. Laser hair removal on tanned skin is dangerous as the laser could potentially burn the skin, therefore it is advised that you limit your exposure. Wear a sunscreen with SPF 30 or more whenever going out and shield yourself with hat or protective clothing.

  • Choose the clinic carefully

Finding the right clinic is very important. A reputable clinic with qualified therapists and the latest technology machines like from Universal IPL will reduce your chances of having a bad laser hair removal experience. A good clinic will insist on having a consultation. If the clinic doesn’t do this, don’t consider that clinic. Consultation is essential to discuss your medical history and medications you take that can or may impact the results or increase the risk of side effects, your objective and suitability such as skin type and skin tone as well as any questions you may have.

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure and requires a significant training, so make sure that you check the credentials of both the technician and the clinic before booking an appointment.

 These are some of the most important things you need to know before considering laser hair removal treatment.

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